Monday, 7 March 2011

e.m.a.s. in 06-Feb-2011 (Sunday)

It was unplanned Sunday. Suddenly wake-up and get ready to go out! Where we want to go? To Masjed Jamek, Central Market Kuala Lumpur! How to get there? With bus from Putrajaya to the destination… Open-mouthed smileThis is my first time went there with bus. It quite tiring because a lot of people in there… <to be continue, my darling is here>

edamariati 06.02.2011 1edamariati 06.02.2011 2edamariati 06.02.2011 3edamariati 06.02.2011 4edamariati 06.02.2011 5edamariati 06.02.2011 6edamariati 06.02.2011 7edamariati 06.02.2011 8edamariati 06.02.2011 9edamariati 06.02.2011 10edamariati 06.02.2011 11edamariati 06.02.2011 12edamariati 06.02.2011 13edamariati 06.02.2011 14


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