Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Career Planning: Are you ready?

Career Planning: Are you ready?

"Life is the sum of all your choices" , Albert Camus

The best topic to kickstart this early year will be career planning (though we have passed almost one and a half month, it's not too late). Herein lies the pitfalls that jobseekers falls into; and thus ending with moans, grumble and frustration in career life in later years.

So what will your short term (1- 2yrs), intermediate ( 3- 5 yrs) and long term( > 5yrs) career goal be? To begin with an end in your mind, where do you foresee your career path leading you to?

To judge and to decide your long term career goal will be really challenging as you may lack life experience, and the scarcity of knowledge that should help you lead to door of opportunities.

And I am not a stranger to this, as recruiter nowadays faces that very challenges during interviews as jobseekers are not goal oriented; and thus it will be very difficult for hiring decision as there is no commitment towards the end.

As we stepping into Knowledge Worker era, jobseekers are too responsible to take control of their personal development in term of skill set. Constant upgrade/personal development will be the answer for the constant change of working environment.

Finding a mentor in career life is like finding a straw in a haystack. And I do congratulate you if you can find one in life. And you can open up your career path with some wise suggestion from Recruitment Consultants. They will be the best person around to consult for your preferred job function, as they will profile, assess, and giving you guidance in career life too.

My kind advice is to update your CV honestly & periodically, with a zest of creativity to customize your CV before you send to your prospect employer.

The key message here is: Stand out from the crowd and with the EDGE too.

And you may exercise your interview skill with your peers, by adding elements of presentation of self and your contribution to the company. Interviewers are not keen on dull interviews. Best interviews, as always, start with handshake of confidence, exciting presentation of self, meeting expectations and fulfilling your contribution and end with great sense of humor, and/or a smile.

For younger "Strawberry" generation, job hopping will not get you anywhere but create great flaws on your resume. Persistency and passion will lead you to be better person, and your choice to persist will decide your blossoming career in the end.

Well, I will end this with another question for jobseekers.

"What are you reading today?"

As everyday we mirror our appearance to perfection, it is time to mirror our thought. Good reading on career related articles will essentially sculpt your thought and belief on career planning And this is always be the question that I will ask jobseekers on industries related reading.

It is time to search the talent in you, and passion of contribution to career life should be like breathing to you: a second nature.

A prosper year to blossom your hidden talent!

Eddie Chang
Recruitment Consultant
03 – 2176 0042


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