Monday, 3 May 2010


it was a busy and energetic day ever! hahaha... wake-up in the morning, go out with my sis. accompany her to pizzas restaurant, from keramat au to bangsar to pj new town to mid valley! lifted the boxes and carried heavy plastic bags from mid valley restaurant to car park! just ignore the surrounding coz the most concern is to accomplish the mission! hahaha... both hands are trembling but the spirit inside more than anything.

zig-zag-zig-zag, settled the prayer in au, go to jelatek for mobile showroom! got a delicious varieties until we both in dizziness! all of the sudden, there is 1 chinese guy said we cant trust that seller, aha! wat else all the mission to hv a new gadget gone!!!

then we go to wangsa walk. hv a gud time karaoke and sister-sister dancing! hahaha... just remember back when we still young ;-) but we still are wat...

today also went to masjid jamek - sogo - maju junction - jelatek - wangsa maju!!! i in love with my surrounding! hahahah more affectionate if got more money to spend!


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