Sunday, 18 April 2010

How to Compare 2 Word Documents in Microsoft Office 2003: Compare document versions more easily

If you've ever worked with multiple copies of a document that have been reviewed or modified by different people (or worse yet, you had to merge those document copies into a single document), you already know that working with different versions of the same document is a challenge. Even if you position the documents next to one another on your screen, it can be difficult keeping track of where you are in each document.

Using the Compare Side by Side toolbar in Microsoft Office Word 2003 makes document comparisons easier because you can view the differences between two documents without having to merge them into a single document. This toolbar performs three basic functions:
Compares documents side by side By displaying the Compare Side by Side toolbar, you can compare two documents side by side on your screen.

Synchronizes your scrolling in both documents By clicking the Synchronous Scrolling button on the Compare Side by Side toolbar, you can scroll through both documents simultaneously, which ensures that you keep your place in both documents.
Returns the document windows to their original position By clicking the Reset Window Position button on the Compare Side by Side toolbar, you can reset the document windows to the original positions they were in when you first started comparing the documents.


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