Saturday, 27 March 2010


Disagreement often occurs when there are a conflict during the interaction between the individuals. No matters whether the relationship was comes from personal or professional context. However this disagreement can be resolved with the depth understanding and the willingness to find the way out of the conflicts that are occur.

From the personal context, we often see many peoples blames the others and often feels they are correct. But did this individuals have enough understanding and put themselves in other people's shoes? Putting yourself in the other people's feeling to have a better comprehend of the real situation in depth. Maybe there is something that is not within our sight or hide and in fact the other people is not guilty.

However if we are in the right side and the other party still does not want to budge, we should not be threatened or over-involved emotionally with the action. In this situation, being neutral is more appropriate. Eventually parties may be aware of their offense. Give sometimes and space for parties involved to think about what happened.

The relationship between individual have a needs and always have a certain goal. The positive goals is such as a place to express the feelings, to be loved, to get advice and so forth. Therefore, a good relationship must also be accompanied with a good pattern of communication where the message to be conveyed is understood by the parties involved. The aimed of the relationship whether at positive or negative goals is caused by speech, body movement or reaction that misinterpreted. Therefore fix the situation to prevent disagreement from further continued.

Human was given a brain and feeling to think and feel. So use the rational mind and feelings that are based on the reasonable mind to become more understanding. If we try to understand other people, other people will also act the same thing to us if there is a need in a relationship.

If there is a will, there is a solution.


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